Drink Local.

How to Support Your Local, Independent Breweries


Know Where Your Money Goes

A rising tide lifts all boats.

When you drink at an independent brewery, your dollars stay within your community. It creates local jobs, and those people will likely spend their money locally too. 

You can find a list of local, independent breweries at the San Diego Brewer’s Guild.


Know What’s Going On

There’s always something new happening. New beers, epic festivals – staying informed doesn’t have to be a chore.

If you prefer to skim the news, we send entertaining 2-minute reads about local beer every M-W-F.

For more industry info, you can also check out local publications like West Coaster, the San Diego Reader, or the Union-Tribune.


Drink with Friends

Your friends might like macro stuff – everyone has their own taste.

But it can’t hurt to help them find something local they’d like. If you turn someone onto independent beer, and they do the same – you’ve just sparked a chain reaction of educated drinkers.


Amplify the Voice of Local Breweries

Independent breweries have limited abilities to reach new people, compared to the marketing spend of larger companies.

Simply sharing or retweeting a post can expose their voice to hundreds of new people.


Vote with Your Dollars

It’s ultimately up to you.

Drink the beer that you like, and support the people that you believe in.