Looking Forward to 2018

As we head into a new year, we have so much to look forward to, from beer fests to collaborations to beer-infused coffee flavors! Bring on the New Year!

The countdown to, and ringing in of a shiny new year always brings grand plans for the coming twelve months and a plethora of healthy resolutions that notoriously taper out by February, or March if you’re really dedicated. And while we are all for cultivating healthy minds and healthy bodies, we’re also fans of focusing on the big picture and things that we can look forward to all year long. So as we head into 2018, here are some of the things we’re most excited about:


More Beer, Always More Beer!

2017 saw a record-breaking number of breweries open in California, and in San Diego County, that number just continues to grow.

As more and breweries come on to the scene, we look forward to seeing the growth and continued success of the Independent Beer movement. Despite the insane amount of breweries, they still seem to be doing well, many becoming staples in their respective neighborhoods, leading to welcome expansions to other areas of the county. Culture Brewing is up to 3 locations now, all right near the beach, and Little Miss Brewing has had success with their locations in Miramar and Normal Heights thus far.

Looking ahead to the coming months, there have already been announcements of breweries expanding to new locations. Two we’re particularly excited about are Eppig Brewing’s new Point Loma location, and Mikkeller Brewing’s just announced Little Italy location, both of which should be open in early spring.

Speaking of which, seasonal bottle and can releases from our favorite breweries, are always something we look forward to, as well as the many anniversary parties we get to attend all throughout the year; including Pure Project’s 2nd birthday celebration, coming up January 27th. Parties are pretty great anyway, but when they include never before released, specialty, and aged beers, they’re tough to beat, and if you play your cards right, there’s probably an anniversary party for you to attend every month!

The best thing about the New Year, though, is what will come next; being there for, and a part of this year’s newest trends, coolest new beers, best collaborations, and finding new favorites as we taste our way through this year’s best beers.


We Love Events Where You’re Encouraged To Have A Beer In Hand:

Whether you missed out last year, or are just counting down to the day you get to attend your favorite again, January means we get to start looking forward to a whole new year of beer related events!!

We would be remiss to begin with anything other than the week of all weeks: Beer Week. 2017 saw the biggest San Diego Beer Week since it began, and we can only hope (and assume) 2018 will follow suit. With multiple (like, possibly too many great options to choose from) events each day, not to mention specialty brews, collaborations, and incredible events, this year is sure to be another rousing success. Yes, November seems terribly far away right now, but we have so much to carry us through until then.

Luckily for us, beer fests are held year-round; there are winter-focused fests held through February, including San Diego’s own Winter Brew Fest on February 24th, and then of course, the beer fest season kicks off and we head into summer full of them, which means more fun times with friends and family and more, new award-winning beers to try.

2018 will also bring us the Winter Olympics! Drinking beer while watching other people work out… is there anything better than that? No, we don’t have a football team anymore, but we do have one of the greatest baseball stadiums around (definitely the one with the best beer selection), ice hockey, Over the Line, and beautiful weather pretty much year-round. While others are still defrosting in April and May, we’re enjoying our brews in the midst of great grilling weather, fire pit weather, maybe even weekends spent lounging poolside or on the beach. There’s a reason people around the country are jealous of Southern California weather and we can’t blame them; in case you’re looking for another reason to make your friends jealous, we have you covered all year long. Brag to everyone that we also have craft beer delivery here; in less than an hour, from the internet, to your door. Yeah, we know they hate us.


Community, Collabs, & More Craft Crossovers!

Last year brought us so many great collaborations, rooted in the pride we have for our community and the respect we have for one another within it, something we don’t anticipate will diminish any time soon. We already can’t wait to see who teams up across the craft community this year to make beers, ciders, and events we don’t even know we need yet!

We’re very confident that local breweries will continue to work together throughout the year to make unforgettable beers, but we’re also excited about other beverages making their way into our lives. With new mead, cider, and sake businesses popping up (and doing well), we can’t wait to see what funky brews will be coming our way soon. Craft kombucha is growing rapidly as well, with a lot of crossover into the world of brewing, these next couple of months, with everyone on a bit more of a health kick, could be huge. Same with specialty and craft tea.

Outside of brewery to brewery collaboration, we are bound to see more and more crossover with other local businesses as well, and we are ready for it! We’ve already seen it, particularly with specialty brews. Breweries looking to barrel-age their beers are continuing to work with, and buy from local or in-state wineries and spirits companies, local coffee is a big-time player and partner in the making of craft beer (and has been for years), and even brand new craft ice cream shops are already working with local coffee shops and breweries, incorporating favorite local flavors into their ice cream. Very much like beer, the flavors of ice cream that can be created, and that people will try is basically endless. So we have a whole lot of deliciousness to look forward to this year!


Of course, we can’t completely predict the future, but there’s something exciting about that; about getting to go along for the ride and seeing what happens over the next year… What will the next fad be? The next style to change the craft game? What will the biggest collaboration of the year be? What will your new favorite beer of the year be? it’s all still in front of us! So cheers to making 2018 a great one, full of great beer. What are you looking forward to the most?

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