Navigating San Diego Beer Week 2017

From which events to skip to which events are “can’t miss,” here’s all you need for San Diego Beer Week 2017!

It’s finally here!!!

Like little kids anxiously counting down the days until Christmas, craft beer lovers across San Diego have been waiting all year for Beer Week! 

This is arguably the best week of the year… partly because it lasts for 10 days, because obviously a standard 7-day week just isn’t enough for San Diego to appropriately celebrate all of its beer-related glory.  And while we may treat every day as if it were Taco Tuesday, and every week like Beer Week, (what a wonderful city to live in), San Diego’s official Beer Week is another beast entirely, and it is completely amazing.

There are huge events are happening every day (more than 165 and counting): dream collaborations are coming to fruition, tap takeovers are popping up all over the city, there will be special restaurant menus and pairings, beer fests (yes, plural), art shows, how-to classes, and of course, daily specials at breweries and beer bars… it’s insanely overwhelming, in the best possible way.

In a community that is already saturated with amazing daily beer choices, how does one decide what to do this magical week? Here are our best tips for navigating San Diego Beer Week 2017:

Let’s just get this point out of the way: you’re not going to be able to go to every event. Partly because it’s impossible to be in two places at once, and partly because at some point in the 10-day span you’ll probably have to work, or generally not act like you’re on spring break and your sole priority is beer.

Shout-out to any dedicated craft beer lovers who took vacation days for this quasi-holiday though!!

On to the good stuff…


It’s Time To Get Organized

If you have a giant whiteboard calendar, this is the week to use it. We must prioritize, be efficient, and get the most out of each day!

To do that, our suggestion is to take beer week one day at a time, rather than look at all of the events at once. For a day-by-day highlight reel, check out this write-up from Westcoaster.

There are over 165 events are already scheduled and new events, tap lists, and specials are being announced every hour (at least that’s how it feels). To stay on top of everything, be sure to keep up by checking the official events calendar; you can search, sort by neighborhood, or even filter the type of event. Yay user-friendly things!

Remember to also check social media of specific breweries, beer bars, etc. to see what event they have going on that day. If you’re looking for more broad information, or a glimpse of how big of a deal this week really is, look up #sdbeer and #sdbeerweek on any social media platform. It’s pretty insane.


Breweries May Not Be Your Best Bet



The majority of San Diego breweries do something to honor this sacred week: special flights offered, special releases (keg and cans/bottles), or specialty (limited edition and limited quantity) glassware; they definitely offer a lot of options.


Aside from some specialty kegs being tapped, most of the noteworthy events are held offsite in the form of tap takeovers happening all over the city (some great event lists for breweries this year include Modern Times, Green Flash, and Alesmith). The events at the breweries themselves aren’t as “once in a lifetime” as some of the other events around town and probably aren’t worth your time during a week that’s full of other amazing events. If you have a particular brewery you simply can’t get enough of, by all means, go get that 2017 Beer Week specialty glass, but know you do have other options as well (see below).

CAN’T MISS brewery event: If you’re a fan of Alesmith’s Speedway Stout, you need to be at the Grand Prix. Seriously. Get tickets here.


It’s All About The Beer Bars (and food pairings)


If you are looking for something a bit more… epic… to celebrate Beer Week with, San Diego’s best beer bars are holding events every single day, and a number of bottle shops, and restaurants are all getting in on the action with special events too! Not only are you going to get a far more diverse beer list at these events, but you’ll also get great food, often preplanned to pair perfectly with your beer, and an experience of bring together two craft sectors that San Diego excels at.

Two of San Diego’s best beer bars, Hamilton’s Tavern and O’Brien’s Pub are coming out full force and both have awesome things lined up, including Hamilton’s Tuesday event: a bike ride  from Normal Heights down to Hamilton’s, stopping at 4 beer spots to taste Lost Abbey brews along the way.

Bottlecraft, which if you don’t already know, is a mix of tasting room, with a ton of beers on tap, and also bottle shop, with multiple locations throughout San Diego, is putting on a road trip of sorts by bringing great beers from all over the craft beer map to each other their locations throughout the week.

Good news for the IPA lovers amongst us: The Brew Project has apparently gone insane and is offering $1 pours of a new IPA every day starting at 6pm. One keg, until it kicks. Yes. Please.

Looking for even more?? Check out the event pages for Tiger!Tiger!, Blind Lady Alehouse, the Regal Seagull, and keep an eye on Toronado San Diego’s social media pages for more tap takeover type events. You may also want to check out the Brews, Views, and Chews event (Monday, November 6th) which is a bit of a mix of a beer fest and a food pairing event. And if you’re looking for some super fancy (and extremely exclusive) Beer Week plans, Cutwater Spirits and Second Chance Beer Co. are joining forces for this reception and dinner event on November 8th.


Can’t Forget About The Featured Events

While these are certainly not the only events, they are notoriously great ones, and supporting the San Diego Brewer’s Guild is hardly a bad thing. They are kicking off the first event of Beer Week, the VIP Brewer takeover tonight, followed by the 15th annual Brewer’s Guild Fest (read: huge beer fest) on Saturday back out at Port Pavilion on the Broadway Pier; they even a disc golf tournament lined up for Wednesday to keep things going all week long. You can check out all of the featured events and get your tickets here.


The event you shouldn’t miss:
San Diego Brewer’s Guild Beer Fest, Saturday November 4

If you somehow haven’t been to a beer fest all year … this is the one you need to go to!

Held on the water at the Broadway Pier, it’s a unique (and super cool) venue and just an all-around great day of celebrating one of the best things about San Diego: the craft beer community.

Rumor has is there’s also a special Lyft promo (that also works for existing accounts!) to get 20% off 2 rides to any SDBeer event! So be sure to take advantage of that and enjoy the week’s festivities safely!

Happy Beer Week San Diego, We’ll see you out there! 


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