Seven Spooky Brews for your Halloween

Halloween is getting a weekend-long celebration this year, and is one of the biggest, and most fun holidays to celebrate, so here are some extra Halloween bonus beers!

We already talked about a full fall-flavored beer list filled with pumpkin, spices, and some spooky brews too, including great Halloween themed beers like Alemsith’s Evil Dead Red, Ninkasi’s Dawn of the Red, Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, and Ballast Point’s Dead Ringer. So be sure to check that out that list too!

Because Halloween is getting a weekend-long celebration this year, and because it is one of the biggest, and most fun holidays to celebrate, here are some extra Halloween bonus beers!


The Traditional Route

You’re pretty much on point theme-wise with anything with evil, dead, zombie, or killer in the name.  Any image or name that is scary, or that could be used as an accessory to a costume, or inspiration for a costume definitely counts too!

1. Including pretty much anything made by Clown Shoes:

For fans of IT or scary clowns in general (wait, are there actually people that like clowns, any clowns??), there are a number of appropriately named beers to choose from like Undead Party Crasher (American Imperial Stout), Extremely Angry Beast (Imperial Stout), or even Blaecorn Unidragon (Russian Imperial Stout). Bet on all of these being bold, very high ABV, intense brews with incredible artwork and unforgettable names.

2. Ironfire Brewing Company, DOA (Dead on Arrival)

This Double IPA is a bit of a palate wrecker. It is very hoppy on the nose and doesn’t slow down from there. If bitter hops are your thing, this is worth trying. Bonus points if you dress up as a FRIENDS character and sing the theme song while drinking this!

3. Modern Times Brewing Co., City of the Dead

This stout is brewed with bourbon barrel-aged coffee, which makes for an interesting flavor combination, but one that definitely works. There’s an unexpected fruity, sweetness too, which adds to the air of mystery, making it a great stout choice for this Halloween.


4. The Lost Abbey, Witch’s Wit

This fruity, refreshing, wheat beer is a nice alternative to the heavy DIPAs and stouts that take the darkness and intensity of Halloween very seriously. This brew is light, flavorful, and gets even better if you let it breathe and warm up just a bit after pouring into a glass.


Outside The Box

Are your costumes often a play on words? Anyone else remember this gem of a costume?  Or maybe you simply prefer the not so spooky, Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters type approach to this holiday over say, horrifying slasher movies… well these are the Halloween beers for you!

5. 21st Amendment- Back in Black

Great song, great beer (rich and malty, while still appropriately hoppy), what else to you need? Oh right, a tie-in to Halloween. Well, you can call pretty much any dark beer a Halloween beer as long as you explain (dark as the night, dark as your soul, etc.) So if you have a favorite, stout, porter, Black IPA (or Black IPL), feel free to make it your Halloween beer of choice! If you don’t have a favorite, or if you’re dressing up as AC/DC with your friends, try this great brew from 21st Amendment!

6. ChuckAlek, 1850 Runner

Are you scared of all the things? Are you the person who sets speed records for getting out of the haunted house? While this beer may have been inspired by the porter style in the year 1850, we say, feel free to make it your own; maybe 18.50 seconds in the haunted house is your faster time ever. Maybe you’re going to inspire the 2018 Runner. Either way, be sure to stop running long enough to enjoy this beer; we wouldn’t want you to spill!

7. Knee Deep Brewing Company, Midnight Hoppyness

This Imperial Black Rye IPA is an incredible mix of dark malt and big hops. The light fruitiness of the hops is balanced out by the slightly chocolate malt flavors; they don’t compete, but complement each other nicely. You may be wondering how this is a Halloween beer at all; well it’s absolutely terrifying how smooth this 9.5% beer is, plus midnight is the Witching Hour!


BONUS: Is it really even a Halloween list without Zombie Dust???

No, you can’t get it everywhere, but if you can, appreciate it, gloat about it, make Walking Dead jokes about it.  And know that we’re all jealous.

Cheers and Happy Halloween!

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