What Does Your Favorite Beer Style Say About You?


One of the beautiful things about craft beer is all of the options we have to choose from. But even with the thousands of brews out there, we tend to find ourselves gravitating to certain ones over others. It’s human nature, right?

Just like people and their pets, the type of beer you drink might hold a little bit of insight into your own personal character.


This what your favorite styles of beer might say about you:


You’re easy-going and laid back, and probably own a few color variations of the same Merino wool sweater. You brought a 6-pack of Blue Moon to frat parties in college, but have since graduated to more sophisticated brews that always seem to come from Belgium. Every Friday night, you check online to see if your favorite Hefeweizen is on tap at the local brewery – where you’re on a first name basis with all the bartenders. 


You appreciate the finer things in life – a good book with a cup of coffee, jazz music, beard conditioner. You’re not concerned with hopping on any bandwagon, probably because you’ve been conducting the train for years. On Saturday nights, you’re the first of your friends to start drinking and usually the last one left standing.


You like your skinny jeans tight, and bicycle shorts tighter. You love doing Color Runs and going to concerts, but find it hard to talk to others about your music tastes because you can’t stand mainstream music.bud-lightLight Lager

We’re going to need to see some ID, please.


Your recent Google search history reads:

“watch Vikings season 4 online”

“how to brew your own mead”

“how to deep fry a turkey”

“homeowners fire insurance”oskar-blues-mamas-littlePilsner

You grew up sneaking beers from the fridge when your dad wasn’t looking, and were the first one in your dorm to know how to tap a keg. You mostly drink for free because you run the pool table all night at the bar down the street.


You’re a kid at heart, and can remember a time when you grew up drinking root beer floats at the summer fair. In reality, any dark beer is cool with you – but your friends always order stouts, so you might as well mix it up.

habitusIndia Pale Ale

You’ve considered going vegan, but can’t imagine life without a perfectly rare steak. You got straight A’s all through school, and can guess the terroir of the hops in your beer just from a quick smell. You will debate anyone about what is actually considered craft beer.

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