Here’s Why Craft Beer Will Save Modern Dating

Craft Beer Dating

It’s hard to argue that the dating game has changed since our parents spent their Friday nights pumping quarters into a jukebox.

Let’s be honest – a lot of us probably clock more hours swiping than we do actually spending time with any particular interest. And for those of us lucky enough to be in a relationship, finding the time to do something meaningful with your significant other easily gets lost in our daily hustle.

But there may just be an unsung hero that will save us from this culture we’ve brought upon ourselves. So pour yourself a pint, because craft beer can very well turn this boat around.

You’ll Forget the Mind Games

First dates are awkward. Even if you matched on Tinder, the pressure’s always on to put your best foot forward. Most of the time this leads to overthinking every text you send, and the inevitable small talk that comes with fishing around for something you both have in common.

Craft beer offers an instant conversation starter. You could spend the whole night talking about your favorite types of beers, local breweries you want to try, and even half-remembered stories of nights past.

Before you know it, the ice will be broken and you’ll both feel more comfortable opening up.

You’ll Socialize More

Beer is better with friends. Pick a couple of local breweries and make a double or triple date out of it. Craft beer is perfect for casual outings, so even if you’re shy or introverted, getting out there with friends can take the heat off and give you a chance to loosen up with your significant other. 


You’ll Save Money

Even the best craft brews are less expensive than a cocktail at the bar downtown. Most of us are still paying off student loans, so dropping $15 on an Old Fashioned (or two) every weekend is a bit out of the question.

Or maybe going out isn’t your style, and you’d rather chill for a night with Netflix. Getting a few brews delivered and staying up all night to crush the entire season of Stranger Things sounds like an equally good time.

You’ll Explore Together

The secret to building a great relationship is sharing new experiences together. Unique date ideas are endless when craft beer is involved:

– Make a list of breweries and go try a beer at each one

– Take a brewery tour together

– Find a craft beer bar and share a few flights

– Go for a hike and bring a bottle along to watch the sunset

– Get tickets to a local craft beer festival

– Buy some ingredients and brew your own beer

You’ll Actually Connect

When all is said and done, dating is about finding someone you connect with and enjoying your time together. In a time when our generation gets sweaty at the thought of holding an extended face-to-face conversation, a few brews may be just what we need.

"It's like Netflix, for craft beer!"

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